Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bike Giveaways

Reporter: Vijeta Kadarmandalgi NCC news

Now that the weather has gotten nice, children are coming outside to play and ride their bikes. But, not all children can afford a bicycle. One man has taken it upon himself to make sure that everyone can enjoy the outdoors.

Last night Jan Maloff was helping someone over their sadness, today he's giving children a reason to be happy. Maloff owns a funeral home in Syracuse. He says his profession makes him want to make people happy as much as possible. "I like making people happy and as a funeral director, I see a lot of sadness, it's nice when you can do something in a positive situation - giving people things taht they don't have," said Maloff.

14 years ago, Maloff started the Central New York family bike giveaway to give bikes free of charge to low income families. "I always thought if I was ever able to, when I was older, give bikes to children I would do it," he said. "That's how this thing got born."

This bike giveaway has slowly caught the eye of volunteers both young and old. They all say they enjoy doing their part to help the community. "Everyone's just happy we're helping them, people don't have bikes, it's just a good thing."

Children both young and old turned to get their free bikes. Some see more value in getting a bike than just getting a bike than just getting something for free. Maloff said he gave away 80 bikes and those 80 children can enjoy the outdoors.

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