Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ten-Minute Golf Lesson

Reporter: Kim Hrabovsky NCC News

Syracuse, Ny- Golf is pretty tricky sport all about finesse, concentration, and follow through. Some People have the natural skill and ability; while others need a little help and guidance.

Tom Speicher is one of many professional golfers across the nation who are taking part in the "Play Golf America" program. "We use the month of May to find time to offer free ten-minute lessons, and try and promote the game and get more people involved in the game." Even though these free lessons are only ten minutes, Speicher says a lot can be learned in just a short amount of time.

"Well one of the most important things in a golf game is your follow through, so if they're not making a complete balanced follow through that's one thing we work on." Speicher also works on your hand grip, stance, and head motion and uses videos of professional golfers to try and give you a better idea of how to perfect your swing.

And if your wondering if these golf lessons are just for golf pros, think again. Speicher says he even gets people who have never picked up a club in their life to take advantage of these free lessons. "People who have never touched a club in their lives, they're not an athlete at all and they come out with a boyfriend or husband and they get to hitting some balls and get hooked." Now while these 10 minute lessons won't get you to the PGA tour playing alongside Tiger Woods anytime soon, the lesson will help drive your game to a higher level.

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