Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Central New York Has a New Catholic Leader

Reported by: Mario Sacco

Central New York officially has a new bishop as of this afternoon. Bishop-designate Robert Cunningham was installed Tuesday afternoon as the new spiritual leader of the seven-county Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse at Syracuse's Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

There was a Mass for Cunningham this afternoon and they got a full house. Nearly 1,000 worshippers came to the Mass. Of the 1,000 worshippers 24 bishops and 250 priests were in attendance.

Cunningham, 65, is a Buffalo native and was ordained in 1969. He was appointed bishop of Ogdensburg in northern New York in 2004.

Cunningham is Syracuse's 10th bishop and was named the new bishop by Pope Benedict XVI on April 21st. The previous bishop, James Moynihan, has served from May 29,1995.
NCC News Reporter Mario Sacco went downtown and talked to Central New Yorkers about the new bishop.

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