Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Cheapest and Fastest Transportation

Reported By Mario Sacco

When it comes to traveling these days, travelers look at two main components; the cost and time it takes to get to your destination. But as the price of gas and airfare continue to rise people are trying to figure out what the best way of transportation is.

"I use to always fly when going on a weekend business trip but lately I've been choosing to drive because it tends to be cheaper. Airfare is sometimes ridiculous," said Lowel McBarney, a Syracuse businessman.

N-C-C News reporter Mario Sacco found out that driving actually might be the cheapest way to get to your destination but it might take you a little longer.

When traveling from Syracuse to Philadelphia it would cost you ninety dollars in gas, an Amtrak ticket would cost you 160 dollars, and a flight from Hancock International Airport would cost you 750 dollars.

And a trip to the City of Brotherly Love would take you four hours by car, seven hours by train, and three hours by air.

And even though flying to Philadelphia would take you the least amount of time some passengers say their sick of the hassle of airport security.

"When you fly it takes so long to get through check-in and going through customs is such a pain. And the fact that you have to pay for your luggage, it's just not worth," said McBarney.

According to Gallup Polls, in the last year the number of people flying has declined by two percent

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