Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Poor Economy is Affecting SAT and ACT Prep Courses

Reported by Kevin Wallace
An MSNBC study has shown that parents don't feel that SAT and ACT Prep Courses are effective in helping students prepare for the test.

But N-C-C News Reporter Kevin Wallace found out that in Syracuse the ability to afford Prep Courses is a bigger problem.

With the poor economy, fewer high school students are able to afford SAT and ACT Prep courses. This has caused a drop in test scores around the city of Syracuse.

"Our scores have been below the national average the past couple years, which usually causes some anxiety for many students right before they take the test," said Val Brown, Henninger High School.

But there are cheap and effective ways students can prepare for the tests.

"Students can use name-brand testing centers from old SAT books and take practice tests over and over," said Corry Unis, LeMoyne College.

According to Brown, there has been talks about getting grant money this summer or next year to fund public classes that would be beneficial to students.

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