Thursday, May 28, 2009

Onondaga County Health Department Releases New H1N1 Flu Guidelines

Onondaga County, NY-- The County Health Department recommended on Thursday that any school student going to the school's nurse's office with a fever or flu-like symptoms are required to wear a mask until their parents pick them up.

The department also asks students to stay home for seven days.

The Department has confirmed four more cases of H1N1 (swine flu) in Onondaga County in the past day. Three cases are children; one is an Onondaga County school age child who goes to school in Cayuga County, and two are students at Bellevue Elementary School in Syracuse.

There are 17 total confirmed cases in Onondaga County.

The symptoms of the flu may include:
*sore throat
*runny or stuffy nose
*body aches

The Health Department continues to reinforce that anyone who has mild flu-like symptoms should stay at home and not go to the emergency room or urgent care facilities.

For more information, Visit the Onondaga County Health Department

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