Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rush Minute Traffic

Reporter: Courtney Pertrouski NCC News

Syracuse, NY- Syracuse is not used to traffic but yesterday was the first day that the two-lane section of 81 South near the Salina Street ramp was closed down to one lane. I-81 from Hiawatha Boulevard at 8:12 am is sure to be a repeat of the unusual traffic jam there yesterday.

The interstate was gridlocked during Wednesday's morning commute. But, after a few stops and starts, commuters could make it to the downtown exits with only about five minutes tacked onto the drive. "I-81 from Hiawatha Boulevard to 690 is slow, but there's no reason to avoid it." the traffic report on the radio said. Drivers on 690 West weren't as lucky.

The Depart of Transportation is hoping that now that the lane closure is in place, more people will find ways around the bumper-to-bumper traffic by either leaving earlier or finding alternative routes.

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