Thursday, May 28, 2009

Long-standing Delays in the Buckley Road Bridge Construction

Reporter: Kevin Wallace, NCC News

Salina, N.Y.-- The Reconstruction of the Buckley Road bridge was supposed to be completed last December. Bulldozers and tractors can still be seen on the bridge that is narrowed down to one lane.

Commuters coming through the Thruway are frustrated at the ongoing construction delays. "Everyday I live right down the street. No, this is the only way, in and out," Said Liverpool resident, Vincent Pascaralla.

The finish of the construction had been pushed back to late August. "We ran into some unforeseen utility issues that weren't located. We knew once we ran into these problems, we weren't going to be able to complete it on time," said New York Thruway Authority Engineer, Ken Margrey.

Businesses are also negatively affected by the construction. "I lose tips and if I don't lose tips like if I take a different way pther than the Buckley Road bridge, I have to go a longer way. Either way way I'm losing tips and anything thats past that bridge," said Ashley D'Agostino of D'Agostino's pizza.

A nurse also said those en route to the Liverpool Dialysis center may harm their bodies if toxins remain in their bodies. The construction offically started in April 2008 and the scheduled date for completion is in August.

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