Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home Assessments Over the Top?

Many home owners are receiving an unpleasant surprise in their mail, letters from the town assessor telling them their property taxes have increased. Tax grievance started yesterday and will go throughout the week. People can make appointments with their town assessor to debate the increase by comparing their taxes with those of their neighbors and people in comparable markets.

Home Owners like Tammy Fish are worried that the hike in taxes will make it impossible to sell their home. She says the town has placed too high of a value on her house. Her taxes are over 800 dollars.

“My house is worth 68 thousand and they want to sell it at $98,000...there's no way this house will sell,” said Fish.

Fish said that she also took on about $20,000 in structural damage that the assessor did not take into account.

So Fish will join many others this week in disputing this increase in taxes. If their request is denied, they can still fight back according to Joseph Pancini, author of "Fighting Back: Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment Made Easy (A Property Owner's Challenge and His Story)."

Pancini took his case all the way to the Supreme Court, eventually getting his assessment reduced by $60,000.

Check the Syracuse Post-Standard website for more information about making an appointment with your town assessor's office.

N-C-C Reporter Brittni Smallwood spoke with Tammy Fish about her frustration with her home assessment.

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