Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Arts & Culture: Impact The Economy

Syracuse, N.Y. ~ The Downtown Committee held a meeting to recognize the Arts and Cultural Organization in Onondaga County, which generates more than $62 million per year in economic revenue.
The Downtown committee's revealed their economic initiative to enhance intellectual and economic growth.

"The real opportunity is for people to realize that a lot of these arts and cultural institutions become the new anchors for downtown," said Stephen Butler, Exec. Dir. of Cultural Council. The Committee hopes the momentum of their Downtown projects and commercial will create local government revenue.

It's refreshing to have so many members of the business community taking the arts so seriously and recognizing that those kinds of partners are needed for a thriving Downtown." David Mankiewicz, Downtown Committee Exec. Dir.
NCC News Reporter Brittni Smallwood has the details on the what the organization is planing for the future of downtown Syracuse.

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