Monday, June 22, 2009

Kodachrome Becomes Extinct

The classic film is no longer being sold

SYRACUSE- Today marks the final day Kodachrome will be sold due to the constantly decreasing demand. Once popular for its great color and grain quality, the film has been replaced by newer technology.

"No one's brought me a role of Kodachrome in years," said Sharon Pickard, manager of Industrial Color Labs in Syracuse.

Paul Simon helped get the name Kodachrome stuck in the minds of Americans with the release of his song "Kodachrome" in 1973.

Kodachrome, originally produced by Rochester-based Kodak, has grown unpopular to consumers. NCC News asked about a dozen people their thoughts on Kodachrome passing and the answer we got most often was some version of, "Kodachrome...I have no idea what that is."

Although today marks the end of a great era in film, it might stand for the progress of newer technology even more.

NCC reporter Courtney Petrouski's story can be seen by clicking on the link below.

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