Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Milfoil Monster

Cazenovia Lake is in a battle with one tough weed

Cazenovia, NY-- Eurasian Milfoil is making a dreaded come-back on the waters of Cazenovia Lake. In an effort to keep the lake clear, a new method of killing the invader weeds is underway.

Allied Biological is using a herbicide to kill the milfoil instead of harvesting the weeds.

"One of the problems with harvesting is that it actually helps to spread the plant," said Glenn Sullivan, President of Allied Biological.

Milfoil is problematic because it forms dense vegetation on the surface of the water that interferes with activities such as boating, swimming and fishing. Some local residents have even had their boats trapped.

"It goes from three to twenty feet and then covers the entire lake area," said Albert Alfred Jones.

Milfoil mats on the water are also breeding grounds for mosquitoes and can rob the water of oxygen, drastically altering the underwater ecosystem.

For now docks along Cazenovia Lake remain closed and boaters remain hopeful that the herbicide process will help kill the monster milfoil weeds so they can get their boats back in the water in time for summer fun.

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