Monday, June 15, 2009

Lottery Winner

The winner of the 35 million dollar lottery ticket was announced to be the Silverbush family. Abe Silverbush bought the ticket from the Chase Cigar Store in Eastwood.

After taxes the family will get a little more than 14 millions dollars. The family of seven will split the money among the seven.

Abe and Celia Silverbush lived and worked in Syracuse all their lives. They plan to continue to work there regular jobs. Abe and Celia plan to buy a new house with the lottery money.

The Silverbushes have five children the oldest being 53 and the youngest is 37. They plan to put money away for their children's college tuition and they say they will do a little bit of shopping.

Learn more about the family by watching Jocelyn Ehnstrom's report below.

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