Monday, June 22, 2009

Syracuse Construction is Very Visible

One of the numerous construction sites in Syracuse

SYRACUSE- Construction can be seen in Syracuse at many locations. While that might frustrate drivers, there's no way to get around it.

The only good news commuters can hear is some of the projects are scheduled to be completed on time or even early. For example, constrcution foreman Joseph Lang was asked about the progress made on a steam pipe relocation on Comstock Avenue.

"It's due to be completed, 100% complete, by August 7th, but we expect to be completed two weeks early," Lang said.

However, the major state funded projects will take more time.

"In Central New York, we have a very compressed construction season when all work can be done. So, weather dictates a lot of what we can do and when we can do it," said Michelle Clark of the State Department of Transportation.

Interstate 690 eastbound and the Interstate 81 south bound ramp are closed for resurfacing and should be opened the third week of July.

"Sometime after the first week of July we'll be resurfacing I-690 by Teall Avenue and 481. That'll be a project that's a heavily travelled stretch of highway," Clark said.

The New York Department of Transportation has regular updates on its website.

NCC reporter Leigh Paynter's package can be seen by clicking below.

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