Monday, June 22, 2009

Drumlins' Greenskeeper Busy Behind the Scenes

Greenskeeper doesn't get much recognition for the hard work

SYRACUSE- As the head Greenskeeper at Drumlins Golf Course, Peter McPartland knows the amount of work it takes to maintain a course.

"Usually we're out here by 6:00 AM, five o'clock on weekends and we work anywhere from eight to 12 hours a day," McPartland said.

According to McPartland, he mows about ten thousand yards of grass a day down to tiny millimeters depending on if he's cutting the rough or the fairway. This is the standard job day for the maintenance crew.

"We have everything from weed whackers and push mowers that most people would use on a lawn, to big unit fairway mowers that can cut down to fractions of an inch," said Matt Bednarski, an assistant to McPartland.

Most people would hate waking up before the sun rises every day, but maintenance worker Michael Frasher doesn't mind at all.

"I love being out here, you know what I mean?" said Frasher. "It's a challenge being out here and prepping a course."

At the end of the day, with new divots scattered across the course, the Greenskeeper and his maintenance staff know the next day starts pretty soon.

NCC sports reporter Mario Sacco's package can be seen by clicking below.

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