Monday, June 22, 2009

Legacy of Civil War Still Alive

Volunteers seek to educate others about the Civil War

JAMESVILLE, N.Y.-The 28th Volunteer Infantry of New York hit the battlefield in Jamesville over the weekend. The group put on a reenactment of the war that divided the nation in two.

The Volunteer Infantry makes several stops in Central New York and play both sides of the war: North vs. South. While the actual fighting may merely be a reenactment, the muskets and the rifles they use are real.

"Contrary to what most believe, we don't do this to play with guns, we do this because we're passionate about the history and enjoy educating people," said Timothy Buckham, captain of the 28th Volunteer Infantry Company.

The performance not only shows a battle on the field, but it also showcases how soldiers lived away from the battlefield.

"I would of stayed home...kept the home going, the farm going, sending clothes they would need to where they are...a lot of letters," said Buckham.

Most of the volunteers enjoy reenacting the Civil War because they have family ties to it.

"My grandfather fought on one side and my other grandfather fought with the North," said Marilyn Dirk.

More than anything, the Civil War reenactment is a dedication to the over 600,000 lives that were lost.

NCC reporter Mike Krafcik's television package about the Civil War reenactment can be seen below.

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