Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sneeze Patrol

A CNY etiquette expert disagrees with these CDC recommendations

Syracuse, N.Y. - We all sneeze. From little children to famous politicians, it happens to the best of us. Even animals, such as pandas, sneeze.

NCC News' Jocelyn Ehnstrom has been caught in the act as well

But, while everybody sneezes, we all sneeze in different ways.

While one can make the traditional "Ah-CHOO!" sound, other people have trademark facial expressions that are revealed when they are about to sneeze.

Some people sneeze into their hands, while others sneeze into one of their arms.

And there is debate as to which one of these two techniques spreads fewer germs and, thus, demonstrates better manners.

"I do not recommend that you sneeze into the hand ever," says Miesje Havens. Havens is the founder of The Refined School of Protocol and Etiquette in Syracuse.

She is a proponent of sneezing into one's arm (provided you are wearing sleeves at the time) as it is more sanitary in her opinion, especially when people are eating.

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still believes that one should sneeze into one's hands while using a tissue.

At least in this heated debate the CDC and Havens can agree on one thing: both recommend that you never shake someone's hand after sneezing.

That is, unless you have washed your hands........


NCC News reporter Haley Burton explores the sneezing debate below:

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