Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Last Day of a Dying Dealership

The Lewis Goodman Chrysler dealership closes its doors

Syracuse, NY --The Lewis Goodman Chrysler dealership on West Genesee Street celebrated a bitter sweet anniversary. June 1st was the dealership's 50th anniversary, but today was its last day of operation.

Employees received a letter late May from corporate headquarters at Chrysler with bad news.

"They gave us three weeks to go," said service center manager Dana Kuhlman.

The dealership had a mere 21 days to sell all of its inventory including every car in the lot and every part that went along with those vehicles.

"It's the carpet out from underneath of you, you know, it was that sudden," said Kuhlman.

Since the letter was sent, Chrysler has cut all ties with Lewis Goodman. According to employees they can't even access the Chrysler corporate website.

Chrysler closed over 800 dealerships across the country. Part of the reason was due to poor product quality, but a frustrated Kuhlman said it's not Lewis Goodman's fault.

"We didn't build the cars. We're not the ones that sat down and designed them and said this is what we're going to sell."

For a look at what the last day was like for employees at Lewis Goodman, you can view N-C-C News Reporter Leigh Paterson's in-depth report below.

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