Monday, June 8, 2009

New Orleans Mayor Quarantined

New Orleans -- New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, his wife and a security guard are resting comfortably in Shanghai after they were put into quarantine yesterday. A passenger on their flight out of Newark, NJ exhibited symptoms of Swine Flu, prompting the quarantine.
Three other city employees were on the flight but they were not sitting close enough to the passenger to warrant a quarantine.
Nagin is said to be feeling well but there is no word on when he and the other quarantined passengers will be released.
The mayor has been in contact with city officials in New Orleans and city business is continuing as normal according to the mayor's spokeswoman, Ceeon Quiett.
Nearly 22,000 people have been infected with the Swine Flu worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.
Nagin left for China on Friday for an economic development trip. Chinese authorities quarantined everyone who sat near the passenger on the flight from Newark, New Jersey.

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