Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thornden Park Roses

NCC Reporter Jocelyn Ehnstrom

The E.M. Mills Garden in Thornden Park is in full bloom with over 4,000 roses on display. The roses come from a variety of different donors, some orange roses for example, were donated to the garden by Syracuse University. Volunteers at the garden held a celebration today and invited guests to listen to live music, eat snacks, and compete in hat decorating contests. The celebration is honoring the Syracuse Rose Society's 85th anniversary, making it the oldest continuous rose society in the United States.  The month of June also happens to be the month of the rose, and with all the beautiful colors and warm June weather it was easy to see why the month and flower were matched together. 

But not all people can enjoy the garden without wanting to take a little home. Last night two women stole some roses from the garden and were chased by police. The women weren't caught and some of the volunteers think cameras at the garden would help prevent this."It's a public garden, it's for the public to enjoy, not for individuals, you want to walk around, look at the roses, you're more than welcome to. But not to take them home," said Dan Magero. Magero has volunteered for the garden for over 25 years and said this was not the first time the garden has been targeted. 

But the volunteers and small crowd who made it out to the garden today weren't deterred and say they hope the garden lasts another 85 years.

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