Monday, June 22, 2009

Hancock Airport Gets a Check-Up

Check-up occurs every 15 years

SYRACUSE- Hancock International Airport gets a check-up every 15 years. This year it's the runways that need some work.
"We will be rehabilitating the runway intersection. We will be rehabilitating a portion a portion of the taxi way in addition to some other projects," said Public Informational officer Chris Reale.
Hancock International Airport put in a bid to get funding from the Department of Transportation and the FAA to pay for the construction.
"It will be resurfaced, repaved, have new lighting and new signage," said Reale.
Today, the Common Council voted "yes" on funding the very expensive 63 million dollar project.
"It is a good thing both for the airport and for the area," Reale said.
Reale also says the project will start in August and should be done in 30 days.
NCC reporter Megan Rowls' package can be seen below by clicking on the link.

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