Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paint Ballin'

Syracuse, N.Y. - For Jean Negron the paintball addiction started innocently enough.

"A friend of mine, he got a little set up in his backyard. He just told me I should come there one time to play with him; and I did it; and ever since I've been hooked," says Negron.

Chris Barbay has been playing for a decade.

"I think I bought my first gun that Christmas and I've been playing ever since," says Barbay.

Both Negron and Barbay are members of the Boss Ballers, a paintball group that has been together "two, three years at least" according to Barbay.

It has grown from four members to eleven members over this time. This has allowed the group to enter two separate teams in the New York Paintball League.

Besides the excitement that paintball brings, the group also enjoys the friendships and camaraderie that come with playing together.

"We're a family," says Barbay (as a teammate jokingly strokes the top of his head).

A family that enjoys running around and shooting each other with paintballs.

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