Thursday, June 4, 2009

Paulus Returns to Syracuse

SYRACUSE, NY - Greg Paulus is back playing football in Central New York. Paulus said he chose with “his gut and heart” to play for SU’s football team this fall as quarterback. After playing High School football at CBA in Syracuse , and college basketball at Duke University, Paulus is left with one year of eligibility.

He said he’s optimistic about the challenge ahead of him, particularly, the playbook. “I’m working my way through it. It’s a good playbook” said Paulus. “It’s one I’m really excited about. Coach Marrone and Coach Spence have done a really good job putting it together and I can tell you I’m working through it.”

Off the Hill, Paulus has many critics. Many NFL analysts have commented that they are skeptical to see if Paulus will be an “effective quarterback” this upcoming season, but for many of his teammates and coaches they're optimistic. “Just from observing summer training,” teammate Lavar Lobdell added, “the Orange strength coaches says Paulus has already earned the trust and respect of his new teammates”.

Paulus said he is not worried about the critics; instead he is keeping his eyes on the playbook so he can be ready for the upcoming season.

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