Monday, June 8, 2009

Maffei Explains Stimulus Spending

Liverpool, NY -- Congressman Dan Maffei was at the Liverpool Holiday Inn this morning to discuss the economic stimulus plan.

He warned those in attendance that was not going to sugarcoat the economic situation.

"We are in a real time of challenge," Maffei said.

Even the man Maffei beat to win his congressional seat, Dale Sweetland, agreed with the congressman.

"Business is not anywhere as it used to be - it doesn't come as easily," Sweetland said.

The breakdown for the stimulus money is as follows:

  • $288 billion for tax relief
  • $144 million to state and local governments
  • $50 million to healthcare and education

More than 200 local business owners were in attendance to learn how they can take advantage of the stimulus money.

"Businesses who are here can even take this back to their companies and share it and they will take some action to get additional benefit for private sector jobs and their employees here in Central New York," said Deb Warner from the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce.

Maffei emphasized the importance of working hard and not giving up hope.

"We really are like a family and because of that and because of any family going through a crisis - we are going to get through this, work together, be together and in the end we're going to end up better than we are today," Maffei said.

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