Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Say It. Don't Spray It.

For some, graffiti is a true art, but one that's unwelcome by Westcott shop owners

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Westcott-area shop owners are angry. Angry that it took so long to find the teen who’s been “tagging” their walls.

“It takes a long time to draw this stuff and no one sees them...it's incredible,” said Ron DeLuca, owner of Abdo’s Grocery.

Angry about having to buy paint and hire painters to cover the “art” left on facades by spray-painter Jordan Wood, 19.

“It’s $110 for the gallon of paint and then I call someone in to paint the building,” said Dino Sentra, owner of Westcott Florists.

Wood, who has been arrested 28 times, was picked up by police yesterday. It was his sixth arrest of the year for graffiti.

But Monday morning, shopkeepers say, a bottle-collector, a familiar face around the Westcott neighborhood, placed a call to police to tell them he spotted the vandal in-the-act.

But shopkeepers say they are worried another arrest won’t stop the rogue artist from spraying again.

NCC News reporter Kate Sheehy has a report about the Westcott vandal.

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