Monday, June 8, 2009

Recession Hits the Links

Syracuse, NY -- Local golf courses are being hit with a penalty stroke because of the struggling economy.

Golfers seem to be falling into three different groups. The first is made up of those who are canceling their memberships and giving up golf because it's just too expensive. The second is comprised of those who will continue to tee it up, regardless of the cost. The final group is made up of those who are making the switch from traditional golf courses to the more cost-friendly Par-3 style courses which are made up of shorter holes.

Marvin Bodley is a member of Drumlins golf course and one of only two people who were playing golf at Drumlins on Monday afternoon. He said he was one of the lucky few who could continue playing the game he loves.

"I'm retired and I've been quite fortunate in my retirement," Bodley said. "I try and work in the golf regardless because it's something that is a big part of my life. But I have seen some of my friends that definitely have had to cut back."

Some golf managers in the area say they believe that many golfers will start frequenting Par 3 or municipal golf courses such as Sunnycrest or Popes Grove if they decide to cancel their memberships to more expensive courses.

Anne Fox, the business manager at Drumlins, says the course could survive one or two years of economic troubles before layoffs would have to be considered.

Mike Hardman's video of the story can be seen below.

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