Thursday, June 4, 2009

A New Beginning Could Bring New Opportunities for the Community

SYRACUSE, NY - The Mary Nelson Community Center is dedicated to bring health, education, and career services to the community. The center’s official opening is Monday, June 8th. Its founder, Mary Nelson, said their goal is to “offer tutoring, recreation and mentoring programs, computer classes for youths and adults, and it will connect residents to social services”.

Nelson wants the youth to be off the streets and in school finishing their education. She hopes to build better relationships with the kids and work with them from day to day versus once or twice a year. She also wants to ensure that each child has enough food so they never have to go hungry.

The children inspired Nelson to open the center. “You can address the needs of the family" said Nelson, "and if you produce all four components (family component, education, health, and career services) you produce a healthy family.”

Community support funds the Mary Nelson Community Center which is located on 2849 S. Salina St. in Syracuse, New York. The organization said they’re applying for grants but if anyone is interested in giving, any donations would be greatly appreciated.

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