Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Yorkers have more power over local government

SYRACUSE, NY - A new bill passed by New York's State Assembly made it easier for villages to consolidate their fire departments and other local governments.

The town supervisor in the village of Van Buren, Claude Sykes thinks the bill is a good proposition. Sykes said all four of the town’s fire departments respond to every 911 call. He stressed that normally only one team is needed, and when all four respond, the town is wasting a lot of money.

In Minoa, the Mayor wasn’t as optimistic. Minoa has a little over 3,000 people and Mayor Dick Donavon said the grass roots government and services are needed and if any are eliminated then people will suffer and jobs will be lost. “Just doing what the state is doing is an arbitrary band aid and they think it will save money but in the end it will not” said Mayor Donavon.

The new legislation allows only ten percent of a community’s registered voters needs to vote in order to eliminate any part of the local government that's considered unnecessary or outdated.

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