Monday, June 15, 2009

Coleman says Yes

Former Syracuse University Basketball star Derrick Coleman wants to implement Say Yes in his home town. "I want to take as much information as possible back to Detroit," said Coleman. "Syracuse is going to be a trailblazer for that." Coleman said this program can make a difference in Detroit. He came to Syracuse to visit Ed Smith Elementary School.

The Ed Smith Elementary School hosted a meeting about the Say Yes program. The program gives money to help high school kids pay for college. Coleman was at the program as an observer.

Coleman will take this information back to another former Syracuse basketball player Dave Bing. Unlike Bing, Coleman said he has no interest in running for office. He said it is always a possibility but he does not think he will ever run for office.

"No matter where I have been I have always participated in everything that goes on in my neighborhood," said Coleman.Coleman said right now he is only focused on helping out his hometown of Detroit.

For more on Derrick Coleman watch the video below by Sean Bagnardi.

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