Wednesday, June 3, 2009

State Takes Over Afflicted Housing Complex

Officials to relocate about 100 people

SYRACUSE- The state has been forced to take over two downtown Syracuse public housing buildings. The Harrison House and Townsend Tower were constructed in the 1970's to provide housing for less-fortunate families.

Low vacancy rates, crime and mounting debts are a few of the reasons the houses were shut down.

"I don't know what's going down, so most likely they'll let somebody know a specific spot that are going to put certain people in certain spots," said one resident.

The complexes currently owe more than $2 million in city and Onondaga County property taxes and almost $10 million in back mortgage payments.

The move comes as a relief to one resident.

"I never really liked the building anyway," said the resident.

Each building has approximately 200 units, only 40 of which are occupied. The state is asking the Syracuse Housing Authority to manage the complexes and start plans to move any remaining tenants.

NCC Reporter Sean Bell went to the Harrison House and the Townsend Tower to speak with residents about the relocation.

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