Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Latest Trend: Sexting

Teen sexting... Is it a youthful prank or a crime?
Syracuse, N.Y

Sexting is becoming more common among American teens. Sending nude pictures via text message is not unusual. Teens on average send 80 text messages a day, but not all of them are “G” rated. Teen sexting is the act of text messaging someone sexual content or pictures in the hopes of having a sexual encounter with them later. Many teens don't realize the legal repercussions of what some think is simply a dirty joke.

"I think that both sides male, female regardless think that it's fun until they get into trouble and then it becomes a bigger issue," said David Pierce teacher at Nottingham High School.

Teens have no problem texting revealing photos of their private parts to entice a love interest, friends, or as many classmates as possible. "I believe someone was filming someone giving someone else oral sex," said Aaron Ash, 10th grader at Corcoran High School. But teens are not aware that they can get in a serious tangle with the law.

"Well, it isn't a laughing matter because again you could face misdemeanor and possibly felony charges, said Lt. Joe Cecile, Syracuse Police. Those things are crimes and can stay on your record forever." The technology of camera phones has created a trend of provocative behavior.

NCC News Reporter Stephanie Berzinski has the story on the latest teen inbox craze.

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