Monday, June 1, 2009

Brewerton Bridge Gets Stimulated

By: NCC News Reporter Megan Rowls

Brewerton, NY - The deteriorating Brewerton Bridge is the first reconstruction project in the state of New York to be funded by President Barack Obama's stimulus package.

Several drivers on the bridge said they welcome a better bridge, but are disappointed that the project is projected to take two years to complete.

They said traffic is already slowing over the bridge.

" For someone who travels on the road often it's going to be a nuisance," said Tony Crissafulli, a regular driver on Brewerton Bridge.

One driver has found an alternate route.

"You can cut across right here at 37 and avoid it and then you can just go up Route 11," said Beth Neis.

To make repairs, construction has scaled down the bridge to a narrow two lanes. Currently, work is being done to just one-half of the bridge.

Rep. Dan Maffei, D-Syracuse, said he is excited to have the bridge not just be repaired, but improved.

"This bridge is going to be intermodal, meaning it's not going to just have cars going across it," said Maffei.
"It's going to be bicycles and pedestrians."

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