Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little League Baseball Participants Declining

Parents say Little League Baseball can still teach life lessons

BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y.-- School is out for the summer, a sure sign that Little League Baseball is well underway. However, a New York Times article says nationwide participation in Little League is down as much as 13 percent.

One theory is the growth of other sports in the area, such as lacrosse, has led to the dwindling Little League numbers.

Coach of the Mets Little League team in Baldwinsville, John Lavante says sports are no longer relegated to seasons.

"It used to be that spring time was baseball and fall was, you know, soccer or football, but now sports kind of go year round," said Lavante.

Little league Baseball has been around for more than 50 years. One reason is parents like Rick Jarvis of Baldwinsville say Little League teaches many life lessons.

"It teaches you discipline, teamwork and certainly respect," said Jarvis.

NCC reporter Mario Sacco attended a game in Baldwinsville to find out what coaches, players and parents say about Little league Baseball.

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